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Audio Hiss Correction

Audio Hiss Correction

During the process of professionally converting vinyl records to CD, the recording stops degrading from that point on. CD's, if properly cared for, will play with the exact same quality on the 1000th play as on the first play. The digital format assures consistency and the quality of audio recordings and audio hiss correction can have your records sounding as if they were recorded yesterday.

Vinyl recordings work with a diamond needle in a groove. As the record turns, the needle picks up the music and transfers it to the amplifier and out to your speakers. Every revolution of the album also brings an unwelcome guest. DUST!  Small particles of dust get into the grooves and some get packed in the grooves as the needle passes over them causing pops or clicks and audio hiss correction can solve this dilemma.  Anti static cloths can remove some of the dust, but the reality of the situation is that every time a record is played some of the sound quality is degraded.  If only we could remove those pops and clicks the album would be as good as new. The audio hiss correction process to the rescue!

By running the recording through our professional audio hiss correction tools we can achieve a dramatic improvement from the current condition of the album.  The tools isolates the clicks and pops and removes them while retaining the integrity of the music. Click on the uncorrected demo and then the completed audio hiss correction demo to listen to the difference. 

This short demo (36 sec.) is The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, composed by Jon Lord and conducted by Malcom Arnold. Crank up your volume and count the clicks.  In this 36 sec. demo 1629 clicks and pops were removed by the Wave Corrector De-Click. Hear for yourself the difference audio hiss correction can make!

audio hiss correction

Audio Hiss Correction Examples

Not Corrected - Listen for sound hissing,
we call it 'campfire' sound


Audio Hiss Correction Clean Transfer Example