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Professional Video Editing

Why is Professional Video Editing Important to your tapes?

It is common knowledge that video tapes degrade with time.  Colors fade, the tape becomes brittle, it may break, the tape curls, which distorts the image and in the end the tape will disintegrate to the point where it will no longer play at all. With professional video editing you can maintain the integrity while increasing quality. Save the moments and the memories. 

Professional video editing is not the first thought when one is trying to preserve their videotape, but it should be at the top of the list when considering conversion to DVD.

Professional video editing opens the door to a whole new world of options that improve your video memories. Color correction can improve faded colors.  Even though it can never restore an aged tape to original quality, it can vastly improve some shots.  During the professional video editing process we can control brightness, bringing down "hot" shots, or brighten dark shots. Even if nothing else is done, these two processes greatly improve the look of most videos.

On the audio side of the equation, professional audio editing enables us to control the volume of shots, eliminate sound that is counter to the overall flow of the piece and add music and sound effects to enhance the overall impact of the piece.

At this point the real fun begins.  I am sure that everyone has been through a friends screening of their vacation or children's videos.  After trying to stay awake for an hour or more, most people are ready to run screaming into the night.  Professional video editing can make those screenings a pleasure by eliminating all the shots of the floor, the wide shots where you have no idea who is who and much much more.  During the professional video editing process techniques can bring the subjects in closer so that you can see expressions and know who or what you are looking at.  Transitions (fades, dissolves, wipes, etc.) are added to smooth cuts from one location to another.  Titles for location or dates are also added in this process.

Professional video editing allows you to pull the best material and present it in a dramatic and artistic way which makes watching the video a pleasure. If conversion saves your video from deterioration, editing makes your video come alive!

Thomas M. Pryor A.C.E.

Let a Hollywood Professional Edit your Video!

professional video editing

  • Increase Tempo
  • Professional video editing fades or transitions
  • Create a Montage of your Memories
  • Cut out unwanted segments but keep emotion
  • Add Music or Sound FX
  • Restore quality of video or sound

With over 30 years of Professional Hollywood Experience working on some of your best loved classic shows, you cannot go wrong with our professional video editing services!

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